APICache —
a simple solution to work with expensive
or slow APIs!

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Tired of paying to retrieve data you have called already or dealing with a slow API?

Fast & Secure

We never store any sensitive headers, even for internal logging. When you specify authentication  for the remote API, we directly pass-through it so you can have peace of mind your credentials are secure.

Cached response

When you call an API provider through our system, we cache the response!

Calls with cached result

All subsequent calls, you get the cached result.So if you haven API with a limited amount of API calls, or if it is just painfully slow, APICache can make querying datasets repeatable and lighting fast.

Our Pricing Plans

· 100 unique URLs
· Unlimited number of calls
· 10 calls per second
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· Unlimited number of calls
· 100 calls per second
· 1 000 unique URLs
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· 10 000 unique URLs
· Unlimited number of calls
· 1 000 calls per second
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